Tuesday, May 14, 2013

DIY Baby Items

Lately I have had a quite a few baby showers to attend & throw and so I have had the chance to get my sewing machine out again to work on some fun, cute gifts for those little ones. I started searching baby items on pinterest of course & just googling random baby items to get some ideas of things I wanted to make. Since I have 3 kids of my own I have an idea of what may or may not actually come in handy. I realize things change constantly in the baby department, I mean there are constantly items being recalled as they are no longer safe for babies.

Here are some of the gifts that I have made thus far:
1. Denim & Fabric Polka dot dress
2. Hair Accessory Frame Holder
4. Framed art work

I am NOT a sewer by any means, as you can tell, but I like to dabble in it, so excuse my sewing :)

Hope this inspires you to get on your sewing machine & get things made!

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