Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Party Ideas

My oldest has the pleasure of having a Halloween birthday & right now he thinks it is really cool for a number of reasons: everyone has to dress up for his birthday, he gets lots of candy AND presents plus he has his own holiday :) I am sure some day that will change, but for now we embrace it. This year he decided to have a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Party. We had it in an old down town brick building that is a gym, but the gym I rented out was in the basement - I like to tie everything in together. Downstairs gym is like underground where the turtles live, old down town brick building is a place they may go to fend off bad guys like Shredder & his crew. 

Pepperoni pizza of course
Cheese & caramel flavored popcorn
TMNT fruit snacks 
Sewer juice for your drink

I printed out each of the TMNT heads & taped them onto the back side of their sewer juice pouches
Color Scheme was green of course & blue since Leonardo is birthday boy's favorite
printed out another TMNT picture to put on the drink "cooler"
Made TMNT out of Chinese lanterns
Of course used all out TMNT toys we had around the house & added some sewer rats to help set the image :)

TMNT weapons to fend off Shredder & his Crew

ORGANIZED GAMES (I didn't get pictures of any of these sorry)
1. Get the pizza in Michelangelo's mouth (like pin the tail on the donkey kind of concept)
2. Had Balloons tied to buckets & made an obstacle course for all the kids to fight off Shredder & his crew (the balloons) with their favor weapons they got earlier
3. Made a Shredder Pinata out of a huge Chinese lantern. I put cardboard over the bottom hole in the lantern & printed off a big picture of shredder & taped it onto the lantern. now all the kids had to do was use their weapons to blast open some candy

How do you wrap a TMNT present you ask? Well me show you what I came up with

When planning any type of event remember to pay attention to every detail big or small & if you are doing a theme to pull it through from beginning to end so people can not question what the theme is. Happy Halloween week ya all!

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