Artficial Flowers

Reasons to Choose Artificial Flowers:                                     Uses for Artificial Flowers in your wedding:
 1. Don't wilt or turn brown                                               1. Bride bouquet
 2. Everlasting keepsake                                                     2. Bridesmaids bouquets
 3. Non-allergenic                                                                3. Corsages
 4. Can be received weeks ahead of event                       4. Boutineers
 5. Very affordable                                                               5. Flowergirls
 6. Don't need to be refrigerated                                      6. Altar bouquets
 7. Easy to transport                                                            7. Remembrance flowers
 8. Always in season                                                            8. Centerpieces
 9. Lighter to carry for weddings                                      9. Ceremony & reception decor
 10. Look life like
 11. Can be found in an array of colors
 12. Don't attract insects

The Differentces between types of bouquets, corsages & boutineers
1. Cascading Bouquets are eye-catching, show stopping, more traditional bouquets where the flowers are arranged in a bouquet holder & the flowers cascade down towards the floor.
2. Hand Held Bouquets simple, beautiful, modern, & elegant bouquets where you can either have the stems showing or completely covered up.
3. Corsages are for the ladies of the event. they are usually larger in size than the boutineers, make more of a statement & include a bow with them.
A. Pin-On Corsages are corsages that pin on to the ladies garment.
B. Wrist Corsage are attached to some kind of "bracelet" and worn around the ladies wrist.
4. Boutineers are for the men of the event. They are usually smaller in size, not as elaborant, & may have some kind of ribbon on them but no bow.

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