Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Doc McStuffins party Ideas

 My daughter just turned 5 & wanted a Doc McStuffins birthday party, so I was happy to plan it for her & honestly was one of the easiest birthday parties I have planned for my kids.

We were just serving light snacks, so we had Jello, love wafer band aids, Doc McStuffins fruit snacks, apple slices, kettle corn popcorn (to resemble Lambie), Smarties as our aspirins & for drinks we had milk of course & water.
An Apple A day keeps Doc McStuffins away

You got a boo-boo? Lambie will take care of you! Have a love wafer band aid

Please don't be Stuffy. Take your smartie aspirins

Nurse Hallie says "Have some jello dear"

Have a Chilly glass of milk. It does the body good.

The decor was also very easy. We set up a waiting room, a doctor's office filled with lots of stuffed animals & all necessary equipment to fix the animals & then I had made just a few signs that I printed off on my home computer for wall decoration. 

                                                               THE WAITING ROOM
coloring station with stickers also

watching her Doc McStuffins movie playing in her waiting room before the patients arrive

                                                    THE DOCTOR'S OFFICE - THE DOC IS IN

This is an eye chart I made for her office

And we had favor bags for each kid , which my daughter filled all by herself, which consisted of a Doc McStuffins coloring page, a couple suckers, a notepad & pen, a face mask, some hospital stickers & a roll of gum.

Last but not least I wanted to get doctor coats for each kid to decorate for themselves, but I was NOT paying $20 each. so I was trying to think of another way to get them coats without paying that price, what i settled on was using white small adult t-shirts & cutting them up the front in half & voila there you now have the kids' lab coats. This was a great activity for the kids that they thoroughly enjoyed along with a favor that they could also take home, plus they could use them at the party to be the doctors. Can't beat that!!

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