Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Party

Kayla Leidholm Wedding - Knights In Riverdale, ND
This was such a fun wedding to do, not was it a friend of my younger sister, but it was at a venue I had never decorated before & the venue was just finished being remodeled the night before the event & it took place on St. Patrick's Day`! Here are some pictures of the venue as we are in the process of transforming it from an old school gym into a formal breath-taking wedding venue.  Above is part of my crew hard at work prepping some of the centerpieces to be used.

 Below are a few pictures of how we arranged the tables & also a look at the huge castle we had to cover on the stage were the head table was to be placed at.
For the tables we were blessed with an nice amount of space, so I had decided to place the tables in "pods", which is just two 8' tables butted up against each other to create one big table, or pod.
We also had the challenge of one huge eye sore - the castle on the stage that is not movable & covers the whole stage as you can see. What we did was actually cover it with huge rolls of paper & to be honest noone could even tell eveyone thought it was fabric. It worked out perfectly!

Below you will see many pictures of the venue after Forever Fresh decorated it & created our artwork as we like to call it.....take a look & see what you think.





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