Friday, April 12, 2013

Strike A Pose! Continuing Trend into 2013

Have you ever attend a wedding reception gone to cocktail  or social hour & you just kinda feel like there isn't a lot to do, so you are just kinda hanging out until the supper & dance starts? Well we have just the thing for you! Entertaining your guests is a HUGE part of every wedding - you want your guests to go away from your event saying "this was the best ever" or "I haven't had this great of a time at a wedding in a long time." Let's face it you want your guests to remember your event & be the first thing people think of when they hear the word wedding - fun, eventful, memorable, & beautiful! 

Photo booths used to be used more so for the birthday party & high school type of events, but why not have them at your wedding? They are fun & entertaining! Photo booths showed up at weddings in our area about 2 yrs ago & have become very popular. They are great to use as favors for your guests or just to add that extra fun to the night to keep your guests engaged & socializing.

 Now you can either hire a professional company that specializes in photo booths for you, see if your photographer offers some type of photo booth thing (as many do now), or you can create your own photo booth -adding personality & charm to your event.

The newest Trend right now is the DIY photo booth & we love this concept! I mean the possibilities are endless, you can create it for next to no money, you get to be creative, it will be one-of-a-kind & guests will feel more connected to you & your event.

Make it as fun, silly or chic as you want all these are found Via Pinterest


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