Monday, August 26, 2013

Daily amount of fruits & vegetables

How many of you actually get the recommended amount of fruits & vegetables every day? Yeah, that's what I thought...not too many. Now I LOVE my fruits & enjoy vegetables, but I can not honestly say that I get the recommended amount each day.
For my last birthday I decided to buy myself a much needed & wanted gym membership. Not only did I want to join a gym to get back in shape, tone & tighten things up a bit, but also it is actually my relaxing time (my gym offers daycare, so I get to put my kids in there for an hour), It helps me relieve stress, gets me energized, makes me want to eat healthier & just makes me feel better about myself even if nothing physically has changed yet. So in efforts to eat healthier & lighter I have been making myself smoothies for my breakfast & for my lunch. My basic smoothie recipe consist of a liquid, fruits &/or vegetables & my soy powder enhancer I have been using. Since I have been trying many different recipes I wanted to share some of them with you, so you can try them out yourself. I only use fruits & vegetables that I already have in my house. I am not one of those who follows a recipe (which you can find all over the web), I just make do with what I currently have. As long as I am getting fruits & vegetables it has to be some what good for me right?

Green machine
handful of spinach
1 whole banana
1 pink crisp apple
8oz. skim calcium milk
1 scoop full of my chocolate EAS soy protein
mix in blender until smooth

Pretty in Pink
2 double handfuls of pitted cherries
2 handfuls of red seedless grapes
1 whole banana
8oz. skim calcium milk
1 scoop full of EAS soy protein
mix in blender until smooth

Pomegranate Punch
2 containers of pomegranate Yoplait light yogurt
2 handfuls of pitted cherries
1 handful of watermelon
1 scoop of EAS soy protein
mix in blender until smooth

Make my mouth Water
 4- 5 heaping handfuls of watermelon
1 1/2 cups of plain Greek Yogurt
1 scoop of EAS soy protein
mix until smooth

I am sorry I did not take pictures of any of these, but they are in my opinion very delicious, smooth, & ties you over until lunch. These are great for on the go people like me, or I like to make one on my way to the gym each morning, or if I know I will not have time to eat a healthy lunch so I don't have to settle for fast food or convenience store food. Please share your recipes if you have any. I love to try new ones!

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