Thursday, January 30, 2014

DIY Steam Punk

This past Halloween my good friend & I had come up with the idea that all of us couples go as steam punk couples. It was SO MUCH FUN, but I am not gonna lie - the prep work to make all of our costumes was a lot of work. We literally spent months researching on the Internet to get inspiration & think of how we wanted each couple to be, we wanted each couple to be a theme of steam punk. I think all our hard work, time & effort really paid off in the end as they were awesome!!!! 

We had to create 4 ladies steam punk costumes & 3 men's steam punk costumes. We made the skirts, all the jewelry, the top hats, gloves, boot covers, the men's shirts, and so much more (except the corsets). I really wish I would have taken more pictures along the way as I was doing the stuff, but that would take forever to write that blog tutorial :) Here is how they turned out:

Bride & Groom Steam punk:
      * These two really were the bride & groom as they were soon getting married. So she was all in white with accents of black - feathers, lace gloves, details in her handmade skirt & her boots. The man had his steam punk jacket we created, his jacket accessories, steam punk stop watch & boot covers.

Kick Butt Warrior Type Steam punk:
          * Handmade top hat, elaborate handmade jewelry, lots of over lapping belts, hand made skirt, handmade garter to hold the shot gun shells & so much more. My Husband was wearing a handmade shirt & his hat that I did the embellishments on it

Sassy but Sweet Steam punk:
                  * The girl was in leggings, made her top hat, had amazing jewelry all hand made, a burgundy blouse under her corset & a couple different belts for added texture & look. The man had the handmade shirt & boot covers.

The nature theme steam punk: (the one on the right)
         * she was wearing a tutu skirt we created & made, lots of owl themed jewelry, owl stop watch, knee high flat boots & a fabric flower on her one side of her skirt

Our group as a whole:

Here are just very few jewelry pieces that I made. Like I say I wish I would have taken pictures of all of them, they were all so different, unique & cool!
Leather cuff I made & we tied it with scrap pieces of leather around our wrist

earrings for one of the girls

my necklace I made & wore with my warrior steam punk outfit
I love these ladies & couples so much they are all like family to me & we had an absolute blast!!!

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