Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Budget friendly gift idea for your loved one

I am not  huge Valentines day fan, mostly because I want my husband to be romantic to me on every day not just on one certain day that he is told to by the rest of the world, and really do you think that getting a florist roses or other flowers is a great idea? I mean I will just completely critique the arrangement & the quality of the flowers, plus I know how much those flowers are wholesale cost & how much my husband would of had to pay for them, plus after working in the the floral industry for many years & putting in the long back breaking hours of cleaning, stripping & packing the flowers, arranging, packing them up for deliveries that  isn't really the first thing I want to see when I come home. Now give me a bottle of wine & you will be golden & talking my language. That being said I still like to give HIM something little, small, meaningful, doesn't cost a lot of money & something I usually make. If you are one of my followers you know that I am an event decorator & since the "love story timelines" are huge in weddings this past year I decided to do a spin off of that for his present this year. 

CAUTION: If you do not have a sense of humor, are wanting something real mushy & romantic to give to your significant other - than I am warning you this is not for you! This is for the couple that likes to make each other laugh, has a great sense of humor & enjoys being out of the norm from everyone else.If you are one of those couples, even if this is not right for you, maybe you will get the humor in this & also the subtle sentimental value at the same time without being over mushy.....which pretty much sums up mine & my husbands relationship :)

Frame = $1.00
Spoon = $.50
Printed quote = Free (printed from my computer)
Smirk I see on my husbands face each time he looks at his gift = PRICELESS

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