Friday, November 30, 2012

Farm Bureau 2012 - Fargo, ND

Farming & Ranching is near & dear to my heart & therefore we sponsored the ND Farm Bureau Convention in 2012 @ the Holiday Inn Fargo, ND. They had an informal night & a formal night.
So here you start off by looking at the informal night. I wanted something that relate able to the farmers & ranchers, meant something to them, & wasn't too formal for them and for these reasons I decided to go with burlap, little bit of lace & tree stumps, with red rose accents. Since their logo colors are red & black we stuck with that for the informal night.


Table centerpieces were burlap runners trimmed with lace with mason jars filled with sunflower seeds & candles with twine wrapped around the jars. The 3 different height mason jars were placed on top a tree slab & accented with a  red rose to make everything "pop".

On Saturday night we made it real glam for the Farmers & Ranchers, more for the ladies than anything else. so we switched the up lighting in the backdrop to pink & traded the low, simple informal centerpieces with tall, lavish blush pink centerpieces filled with roses.


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