Friday, February 22, 2013

Aroma is in the air

Radisson - Bismarck, ND
We were the very first company that had the honors of decorating the Bismarck Radisson hotel right after it had been remodeled in 2012. Actually this event took place 3 days after the remodel was done! This was a black & chocolate brown wedding with red accents & here is what we did....
The ballroom is on the second floor of the hotel so we made sure to drape the staircase leading up to the ballroom & at the very top of the stairs we had hung their banner to welcome their guests.


When you arrive at the top of the stairs you are entering the cocktail or social area

Which is also where you will find the guest book table that also had their favors on it so each guest could grab one as they enter the ballroom.
The cocktail area will also have the sweets table, candy table, horderves table & punch table 

We put some very minimalistic centerpieces on the cocktail tables. They were arranged with any of the following: coffee beans, red roses, & candles.
When you enter the ballroom first off all your senses are engaged as you can SMELL the coffee beans, SEE the beautiful up lighting, HEAR the soft music in the background, FEEL the warmth in the air from the candles, & begin to imagine the TASTE of the delicate cake.




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