Monday, April 29, 2013

Event Planning

Everyday I wake up literally excited to plan....plan the day's routine, plan some kind of a wedding, plan activities for the kids to keep them busy - I just love planing. I enjoy being organized, staying busy all day, & coming up with new twists on "old things" that we have always done to make it seem new & fun for everyone (ex: fruit & vegetable bar, tacos, or even sandwiches).

The mind of a party planner is constantly running a million miles a minute with ideas they have for various events, but what I enjoy the most of all, that I truly believe will make any event a huge success, is all the details. Details people, details! 

I like to entertain whether is for a large group of people or for my closest friends and family. This past weekend my husband & I decided to have a small get together at my house with our closest friends. We wanted to have one big social event where we could all get together enjoy the spring weather that has finally shown up here in ND, & just let loose a bit before all of our schedules get so crazy busy for the summer time. 

Appetizer type finger foods was clearly going to be the best type of foods to have for our party.  I didn't want it to be fancy since we are all pretty laid back. I just wanted it be comfortable, enjoyable for all, & wanted people to let loose. So here is the menu I had planned for the night.

1. Various Chips & crackers with homemade salsa or pico de gallo recipe, spinach & herb dip, and a hot pepper dip made by my friend
2. 6 different types of cheeses
3. Graham Crackers or Nilla Wafers that you could dip in the Key lime ball or the cheesecake dip I made to go with them
4. Crock pot meatballs
5. Ham & pickle tortilla roll ups
6. Home made pretzel bites
7. Fresh Strawberries & Blackberries
10. Spinach cups made by my sister -in-law
11. French Bread with a ham & pickle dip also made by my sister-in-law

You can't have a well planned event without a well stocked drink station
1. Various Pops
2. Cherry Vodka
3. Smirnoff
4. Mikes Hard lemonades
5. Kinky
6. X-Rated
7. Crown Royal Black
8. Penalton
9. 8 different types of wine
10. Homemade Wine Slush
11. Malibu
12. Beer

And to top it off we had a beautiful, calm, nice night so we got to have a bonfire :)

So no matter what type of event, or the size of the event you have to think of all the details to ensure your guests have an outstanding time! Happy planning!!!

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