Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Skinny Mini Me Bite Size Cheesecakes

Skinny Mini Me Bite Size Cheesecakes
Even though there may be plenty of snow still on the ground  & it is now April which means that usually we are about ready to get into the fields, we are still trying to stay positive and THINK SPRING! What better way to celebrate spring than with delicate, delicious, skinny, bite sized, topped with fresh fruit cheesecakes???? Is your mouth watering yet, because mine is!
Like I have mentioned in my earlier blogs I am trying to lead a healthier way of eating lifestyle, so I searched for a way to make cheesecake healthier & came across many recipes. Some of them sounded ok & others did not sound appealing at all - cottage cheese in my cheesecake, NO THANK YOU! So what I did was take bits & pieces from a few recipes to come up with my own &I must say they are delicious! In the last two weeks I have made 4 batches - my daycare kids love them for a snack, my kids love them & even my husband eats them right up. 

Reduced Fat Vanilla Wafers
8 oz. package of 1/3 less fat cream cheese (room temperature)
6 oz. container of flavored Greek yogurt (I like raspberry or strawberry myself)
1 oz. box of sugar free vanilla  pudding
1/4 skim milk
8 oz.Reduced Fat Cool Whip
Fresh Fruit

1. In a large mixing bowl, combine the flavored Greek Yogurt with the cream cheese & beat with mixer until creamy & smooth in texture.
2. In a separate small bowl whisk the pudding & the milk together.
3. Add pudding mixture to the yogurt & cream cheese mixture. Blend until creamy & smooth.
4. Fold in Cool Whip
5. Put a vanilla wafer in the bottom of each mini muffin or cupcake holder in your pan to act as your crust & add the cheesecake mixture on top of that. Refrigerate for about 4 hrs. to set up a bit.
6. Top with fruit,eat & enjoy!!!

Here they are in the mini muffin pan & done refrigerating

The great thing about this recipe is that you can customize it to fit your taste buds - there are MANY ways of doing so, I listed just a few of them, but be creative!

1. Use any Flavor Greek yogurt you prefer
2. Substitute the vanilla pudding for banana pudding or some other kind
3. Only have plain Greek yogurt on hand - no problem use strawberry flavored cream cheese instead of plain cream cheese
4. Top the cheese cakes off with drizzled chocolate, caramel or butterscotch
5. use flavored cool whip instead of the original cool whip

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