Friday, April 5, 2013

Top Wedding Apps

With the world becoming more & more reliant on their smart phones & having everything at their fingertips I have compiled a list of some outstanding wedding apps. I mean, I know I am lost with out my phone in my hand, or my blue tooth in my ear - always making phone calls, writing e-mails & blogs, taking pictures & checking in on all my wedding social media that I like read in order always educate myself & stay on top of trends.

There are many, many lists out there for the "top ranked wedding apps", but here is my list:

Follow us on Pinterest - Forever Fresh Event Decorators & Silk Florist

Seems like everyone is either using pinterest or has heard of pinterest  and for a good reason. Every woman has a "wedding board" on their pinterest board whether they are engaged, already married, single, or  a teenager. Most girls dream about their weddings from a very young age - what their dress will look like, colors, the decorations, and of course the groom. Well pinterest is just the place to collect & store all those ideas at & get even more ideas. You can follow our Pinterest Board here

                                                               Wedding Snap
You use to see disposable cameras sitting on each table with a little note that asked the guests to randomly take pictures of throughout the night that the bride & groom could keep - great idea, but a lot of work. You set out the cameras, make the signs asking the guests to take pictures, you collect them afterwards, take them in to get developed just to find out a lot of them were non-usable pictures int he first place. Now with wedding snap  you don't have to worry about any of that headache.

Wedding Snap is an online photo sharing experience that uses iPhone & Android apps to help instantly collect photos in one online album. Every photo taken with the FREE Wedding Snap app is directly uploaded to the online album. Guests continuously upload pictures & videos  from your special day & it s a great way to keep those younger kids entertained as they are sitting through the wedding - let them take some pictures (everyone knows kids are super tech savvy these days) & this makes them feel important & that they are contributing to your special day.

It is a fabulous app with great features so make sure to check it out!

                                                     Wedding Budget!

Most of us do not have the luxury of an unlimited budget, and that's why this FREE APP is perfect. It let's you track all of your spending right from your phone so you always know if you are on budget.

                                                         Fun wedding App for iPhone

You want a fun, memorable what everyone remembers right? Well A good part of ensuring you have a fun reception is the music & making sure the dance floor is always full. With fun music you can listen to, pick out,  & see the top played & requested songs at real weddings & you it allows you to search by decade or song category for inspiration. At only $.99 to install it may cost you a lot of headaches & ensure you have a packed dance floor.

                                                    The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner

This app will sync up to your account and best of all it's FREE!!
Features of this app:
1. Count down the days til your wedding
2. Keep on track with the Wedding Checklist
3. Get your budget & stay on budget with their Budget tool
4. Find your dress & bridesmaids dress
6. Get inspired by looking through the real wedding photos and so much more

                                                       Wedding Scan

Now at any given moment and at ANY STORE, you can use the wedding scan app to add products to your wedding registry. And even better you can e-mail your list directly to your family & friends! doesn't get much simpler & better than that.

                                                        Wedding Color

Have a hard time picking out colors that go well together & go with the season or theme you are choosing for your wedding? Well no more worries as this FREE app does all that for you!

                                                         Ink Cards

OK so this is not specifically a Wedding App, but it will come in handy with your wedding announcements, save the dates,thank yous & so much more after your wedding. Ink cards allows you to design designer greeting cards of any kind. You design them using any picture & they mail them off, doesn't get much easier than that, and let's face it who wants to spend all that time after the wedding address tons of envelopes again to send out the Thank yous - Ink cards will do it for you!



                                                               Wedding Wire

Wedding Wire is a leader in connecting couples to vendors, wedding forums, photos and so much more. Here can browse through photos of weddings, connect & read about vendors in your areas & their reviews, chat with other brides & grooms, plan your attire & your cake all from this app.

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