Friday, May 31, 2013

How much candy is enough?

Another ever growing trend for weddings is the delicious candy table. I would say we set up a candy table at 9 out of 10 weddings lately, they are huge! You can do candy that is strictly in your wedding colors, a mixture of colors, the couple's favorite candy, you can use it for your favors if you so choose - the possibilities of the candy table are great. It is a snack throughout the night that your guests can enjoy throughout the evening of dancing to keep their energy up & let's face it of course the kiddos love it - I mean a candy buffet, what kid wouldn't be in heaven ;) 

But one question I ALWAYS have brides' asking me is "how much candy do I know how to order?" Years ago when I first started my business I had found this formula somewhere on the world wide web, I honestly don't remember where is I DO NOT take credit for this formula being mine, it is just the one I use.

Candy Table Formula
You will want about 3 oz. of candy per person. Example: 200 guests = 37 lbs. of candy which interrupts into Amount of guests X 3 = Total divided by 16 = how many lbs. of candy you need for your candy buffet

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