Monday, June 3, 2013

Farming Princess Style - Just another day in my life

 We are heavy into planting season now & since it has rained 14 out of the last 18 days we are in the fields around the clock around here whenever we get the chance. Every year my kids LOVE to go out in the field & ride around with daddy in the tractor or combine, depending on the season, & getting in their "daddy time." So each night after all my daycare kids have gone home we go out to visit dad & ride around with him in the tractor for a good hour or so until it is time to go home, start supper & get ready for bed. On this particular night as we were heading out to the field my daughter was in the front seat next to me, jamming to the music, talking a million miles a minute with all kinds of questions about everything on this beautiful earth & I just couldn't help myself but take some pictures of her - now for anyone that knows my daughter, she is the perfect mix of tom boy & pretty girl. You see each day she picks out her own clothes and 8 times out of 10 she will pick out a dress or sparkly skirt, always has to have her makeup on (that she does herself of course), & her hair done up finished off my either wearing her sparkly pink cowgirl boots or her bright neon sandals her father bought her. Well this particular day she decided to wear a big beautiful purple dress (that she wore for Christmas) that has pickups all on the bottom & big full skirt & her neon sandals & yes she wears this to go ride in the tractor, play in the field & play in the sandbox - I mean you always got to look good right??? ;)

My husband grew up with all boys & does not exactly understand her thinking & tells her that is not appropriate attire when coming to the field & farm, which she responds back with "yes it is dad" with her big, beautiful, contagious smile :) Here she is holding her headphones on to also listen to the Movie that is playing in our vehicle. 

My husband came to my rescue that night & put enough gas in my vehicle to get me home......It's not the best idea to go to a field that is 17 miles form your house with only 14 miles left til empty in the car - oops! 

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