Thursday, May 23, 2013

Packing is the name of my game

Earlier this week I shared a post about some of the cleaning that is necessary for prepping for a wedding. Today I am sharing with you  how packing is essential for me in my profession. I definitely have to be a good, resourceful packer in order to fit everything in my trailer that is needed for each wedding & be able to pack it all in a way that nothing will be damaged or shift around through the travel. 

You may be thinking that I have plenty of room left in here, but keep in mind I have at least a 25 miles trip to the closest event venue not to mention I deal with A LOT of glassware  & flower arrangements that I have made ahead of time (which are packed away in boxes) to try to ensure they do not get smooshed, trashed, shift around, or damaged in travel. Which means that I do not want to be placing real heavy boxes or totes on top of some of the boxes. I also do not want to pack it all the way to the clear top of the trailer unless I have other containers in front of each one so that a container does not slide forward or sideways or completely shift on me.....could you imagine the terror look on my face if I arrived at the event location, open up my trailer doors only to find everything where it was not placed? I would have a complete heart attack! That is why I go through extra measures to ensure everything arrives the way it was when I packed it in the trailer. It is like putting together a puzzle making sure each box in it's place tightly & not going to move.

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