Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial day traditions

Memorial day is a day of appreciation, honor, respect & admiration for those that have served in our country.
When I was a kid our Memorial weekend tradition was to go camping with the family & close friends enjoying & celebrating the first weekend of summer with lots of mouth watering foods, laughs, stories & outdoor games. Today my own families traditions are some what the same in the sense that we always have an abundance of mouth watering foods, laughs, spend it with lots of family around & enjoy outdoor games if weather permits. But since my husband is a farmer we don't go camping as this time of year we are busy planting making sure we can feed the world. We start our morning off by having our own flag raising ceremony at our house followed by us & many others partaking in the Memorial Day Ceremony at our local small town cemetery where a lot of my husbands loved ones that have past are buried. They have a group that comes to raise the flag, talk briefly, shoot off some blank rounds & then we go around & visit the grave sites. In the afternoon we all go back to the farm to enjoy a bountiful buffet & good company.Another tradition of Memorial Day is the potluck & that is how we choose to do our food selection on Memorial Day. My in-laws supply the hamburgers & hot dogs and the rest of us supply some other kind of dish of our choice, this year I decided to bring my fruit pizza for all to enjoy. Hope you all had a great Memorial day and Memorial day weekend, & remember to always thank a soldier for fighting for your rights to live in this beautiful country we live in!!

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