Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Backyard Bash

Welcome to our latest backyard bash that we had the honor of decorating for. It was elegant, simple, modern, sophisticated yet laid back, shabby chic - I was so honored to be asked to be their decorator.

I first met with them for our first meeting at their house and was automatically in awe.....the gorgeous landscape, the wood work, down by the river - it was already stunning! They had told me how they were going for the "Let nature speak words" type of thing yet modern, formal, but not too formal simplistic & the rest was up to my imagination & let me tell you what I had so idea running through my head I almost couldn't concentrate :)

Here is how their backyard looks without anything added to it - Nice right?

We added minimalist decorations that made a HUGE impact on the space - white floor length table cloths, with white shimmery organza overlays, white folding chairs with double sashes to match the other table linens, aisle decor, "altar"decor, simple, minimalistic centerpieces & we did a few other things. Take a look and see how we transformed this space. 

Notice all the small details - hanging mason jars with baby's breath, wood slabs with lanterns, beautiful dahlia flowers, linens, lights around the trees, Globe string light backdrop, drinks.....details make the event YOUR EVENT.

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