Monday, July 8, 2013

Red, White & Blue

Red, white, & blue, parades, candy, swimming, eating, and of course fireworks......yep we are talking fourth of July! Any holiday is a wonderful time of year that I look forward to each year..........when I was a young kid we had our traditions for each holiday that we could always look forward to. My parents were great at putting their kids' needs before theirs and making sure that we had a lifetime of great memories and lots of family time & I strive to carry out that tradition to my kids.

I like to make a big deal of their birthdays, holidays, big achievements, & milestones _ and I don't mean making a big money sucking production out of these things, but making it a big deal for my kids. It doesn't take a lot of money, toys, & gifts in order to make it "the best day EVER" for your kids.....Just use your creativity & spend time with them & they will love it, remember it & cherish it forever. 

This past week was July 4th & one of my husbands traditions & memories of July 4th as he was a kid was taking part in the kiddie parade in our small town & since our children are now all about the age to go into the parade by themselves I wanted to make it a memorable tradition for them also, so they decided that they each wanted to ride their own bikes threw the parade. In an attempt to keep them involved in the process I had asked them if they had ideas or how they might like their bikes to be decorated in red, white & blue. My oldest son was all about superheros, My girl was about sparkle, & my littlest one (not quite 2 yrs. old) was just excited to be doing whatever his siblings were doing ;) So we put our heads together, gather things from around the house & got to decorating and this is what we came up with.

My girl had a blast & was decorated on the front & back of her bike

 Using bows, ribbon, straws on some of the spokes & creativity we got them red, white & blue

 My youngest loves to make noise so we had to give him noise makers on his bike :)

Notice the Captain America Shield we created for my oldest son's may not be perfect but he LOVED it & couldn't wait to show it off

My girl got her sparkle by adding blue glitter to her name plate we created

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