Tuesday, July 16, 2013

DIY Easy Outdoor Kids Fun

With the sun blazing down on us, sweat rolling down our faces, & the humidity out of this world - I wanted to have a new creative, fun, easy & very inexpensive way to get my kids & daycare kids cooled off. Now we do have a larger above ground pool in our backyard, but that is off limits during daycare hours, so we have other means of keeping cool on these long hot summer days during daycare hours. We have a kiddie pool, a water & sand table, a slip n slide & of course a sprinkler. But when I can think of "new ways" to use "the same old items" the kids feel overjoyed & like they have unwrapped a new toy on Christmas, so it is always a win, win. Today I will share a few of the ways that I like to keep things new, exciting, & fun while keeping them cool & hours of enjoyment. It just takes a little bit of thinking & imagination is all.

Adding a sprinkler to the trampoline - yes it is that easy! The kids get their exercise with all the jumping, they keep cool & after long enough the trampoline also doubles as a slip n slide :)

Sponge bombs - I had a bunch of extra sponges laying around the house so I decided instead of taking all the time to fill up hundreds of water balloons to be used up in a matter of a blink of an eye, I wanted to find another option. What I did was take 3 sponges tie them together in the middle with fishing line & then cut strips down the sides of each sponge til you get to the fishing line without cutting the fishing line. soak the sponge bombs & bombs away - hours of fun & enjoyment, new, modern twist to an old favorite, & much less labor intensive....see a repeating pattern here? I like things to be fun, easy, & quick! Also the younger daycare kids loved these as they would suck on these to keep cool :)

Slip N Slide - add any slip n slide or tarp to the end of your already existing slide & add water. I wired our hose around the swing set at the top of the slide to make it extra slippery. Around here the older children also throw in wake boards from our big pool & use those to go down on their stomachs on the slide onto the slip n slide or if they are real daring they use the wake board as a surf board down the slide - hey it's all about using your creativity & letting the kids be kids

So no matter how you do it let the kids have fun, use their creativity & stay cool on these long summer days

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