Wednesday, July 10, 2013

History in the making - Every couple has their love story

Every person has a story to tell, every couple has a story to tell and when each couple joins in the love, respect & faithfulness of marriage they are beginning a new chapter in their lives together as a married couple. Every couple thinks that their love story is the best and their favorite - and it should be! But just the same that each couple has a story to tell they each also have a history & are making history together.
A few weeks back I had the pleasure to decorate a venue that has a lot of is the place where my husband & I got married at 10 years prior,  people tour to remember "the good old days", it has historic value, historic ambiance, & that is exactly what this particular couple fell in love with & exactly why they choose this venue. So when I was thinking about how to decorate this place and be able to incorporate the couple's style into it while keeping the historic, rustic feel I knew exactly what I was going to do. 

Here is a look into the building - the beauty of it alone is astonishing. I love it & played off it for the decorating.

I mean really can you see the historic beauty in this place??? I love it! And so to keep the historic value, ambiance & rustic home, down to earth feel of the venue here is what I had done to transform this place without covering everything up & letting the charm shine through.

 love the saloon doors :)

In our area we don't have many options for unique, creativity, out of this world venues. Unfortunately we mainly are used to the run of the mill, ho-hum, boring hotel venues, so when we get the chance to decorate for a unique venue - we get over-the-moon excited & thrilled to be a part of it.


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