Monday, August 12, 2013

DIY Water Wall

The kids are getting antsy, bored, & beginning to pick on each other 24/7......which can mean one thing - summer is coming to an end & school is starting up soon! This mama is pretty excited about school starting, don't get me wrong I LOVE my children, but I also look forward to the start of the school year (but that is another blog) :)
In efforts to TRY to keep my children occupied throughout the summer I am always looking for new ideas. I have seen many, many DIY water walls for the backyard & thought that I could do some kind of water wall in our back yard. We have an above ground pool in our backyard that we have also built a water slide for & covering the base of the water slide area my husband built we have peg boards all around it that I have hooks on so we can hang our towels, life jackets & so on on the hooks. But I still have 3 peg walls left that are open canvases - so I decided that this would be a perfect place to make a water wall. 
So I grabbed things from around the house, spray painted them for some fun color & attached it to the wall for them, all the while keeping the children involved. They picked out the spray paint colors, spray painted the items themselves, & help me screw them into the peg board wall. 
Keep in mind it took us 30 minutes start to finish. Your water wall does not have to be fancy or elaborate for the kids to enjoy it. Ours is made form old gutters, dishwasher tablet bucket, old milk jug & an old hose I had laying around.

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