Saturday, August 17, 2013

DIY baby breath centerpieces

Baby's breath is becoming a big trend in weddings right now. It is cost effective, can make a beautiful, whimsical, romantic statement when put together in big groupings and it is universal. You can use baby's breath to make DIY centerpieces, aisle markers, door decorations & so much more for either rustic, nature themed, vintage, or romantic & whimsical theme weddings.

Earlier this summer I did a couple weddings that revolved around baby's breath, and although baby's breath is beautiful looking in big groups I myself do not exactly find it pleasing to smell. At this point and time I had 85 bundles od baby's breath in my shop & phew....the smell overcame my small shop, BUT when used at the receptions you did not even notice the smell, so no worries (unless you have people with allergies of course).

We arranged some very easy, romantic, whimsical centerpieces that are easy enough for you to do n your own if you are a DIY'er. If you are looking for centerpieces that are uniform & completely round, then baby's breath is NOT the flower (filler) for you. That is also what makes it a great DIY flower. As long as you have a container & a flower shears then you are good to go.
The possibilities for baby's breath are endless and we have done many different things with it, btu here are just some of the latest from a couple of this summer's weddings. Hope you enjoy!

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