Thursday, August 1, 2013

Essential Camping Packing List

When I was a young kid growing up my family took us camping just about every single weekend & it is a memory I still truly cherish to this day and want to pass along to my kids. Although with my wedding decorating  business I do not have the time allowance to go every weekend like I would like to, we get to go every so often and thoroughly enjoy ourselves. 

We do camp and not tent, but our camper is not a "fancy"camper by any means, but it does keep us off the wet ground at night, we have someplace that will stay dry if it does rain, it has a heater & air conditioner if needed & the kids absolutely have a blast in there, so it is well worth it & does the job needed for us. But one the more time consuming jobs I feel is getting the camper packed for the first time out in it. You try to run through your lists on paper & in your head of what will all be needed & yet never fails you still always forget something. And so to make things easier for anyone reading this & myself for the future I have created a list of the essentials needed for my family when we go camping. I hope it comes in handy for you.

Pots, Pans, Skillets
A couple tin containers(from the dollar store) like the ones you can make lasagna in
Plates, Bowls (paper &/or real, I mainly do plastic)
Silverware (again we mostly do plastic)
Sharp Knives
Big serving spoons
Cutting Board
Ziploc bags (sandwich size & large size)
Paper Towels
Can opener
Bottle opener
Pancake flipper
Cheese Grater
Dish towels, washcloths, pot holders
Dish scrubber of some sort
Tupperware containers of various sizes
Can coozies
Spices - salt, pepper, seasonALL salt, garlic powder, garlic salt, cinnamon & sugar mixture
Tin foil
Garbage bags

Towels, washcloths
Toilet paper
Foldable Hamper
Toothbrush & tooth paste
Hair Brushes
Sun screen & bug spray
Shampoo, Conditioner
Itch cream
Aloe Vera

Pajamas, Swim wear, shirts, tank tops, sweatshirt, jacket, shorts, pants, Undergarments, diapers & swim diapers (if real young ones like me), socks, tennis shoes
Inside Kids' toys

Outside Items
Hand Sanitizer
Dryer lint (for fire starter)
Grill & propane or charcoal
Folding table
camp chairs
Life jackets
Wet wipes (we use these for MANY things)
Outside Kids' toys
Water toys
Roasting sticks for marshmallows
Pie Iron

Other Glamping Items
Bottled water
Soda Stream
Rug for in front of camper
Solar lights of some kind
String & clothesline
Phone chargers

Dog Food
Dog food & water Dishes
Tie downs for dogs

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