Monday, September 30, 2013

DIY Tire Climbing Wall

My monkey man of a son's birthday was approaching & what I originally wanted to make for him was an addition onto our already existing swing set. I thought about adding on monkey bars to one side of the swing set along with a tire climbing wall on the other side & another swing (so that way I would have a swing for each of my kids). After checking into the price to do all of that I soon decided that was not going to happen, so I put on my thinking cap & came up with the next best thing I could think of....the tire climbing wall.

I figured I could make it by myself. We already had many old used tires, so all I needed was the hardware to attach the tires. "This will be easy" or so I thought. I talked to my husband about my plan & he was not so keen on helping me in the task of building the wall - I guess it is a pain to drill through tires & so on. But I was not about to give up on the idea.

After some thinking & rummaging I figured out a way to make the tire climbing wall all by myself & it is not permanent, so if at any time I do decide to add on to the swing set & need to remove the tires I can ;)

Here is my little monkey man climbing up the wall - I'd say it is a success and took me about 15 minutes to accomplish!

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