Sunday, September 15, 2013

Lego Party Ideas

 As most of you know that read my blogs I am a day care provider & for that reason I told my kids they are not allowed to have Lego's until they are 5. I figured then they are responsible enough to keep them up & away form all the little kids in house & if I make them wait it may make them appreciate them more. with that said, for my sons 5th birthday we did a Lego theme party. And he couldn't have been more excited!

We had a whole Lego table play area to make their own creations & also had a Mega Block play area on the floor for the younger kids there.

We had some Lego shaped & theme food

Decorations were easy because I did not want to take away form the actual Lego stations that were there. I decided just to do some printouts of my sons favorite Lego's (Lego Ninjago) and taped them to Mega blocks to keep them upright. Placed them in the center of the table pod & that was it.

And for the kids' favors, Lego theme bags: Lego person on the front of each one with a Lego mask, some Lego stickers, Lego coloring sheets & Lego hard candies all inside the bag. Remember when doing favors for kids that you keep it age appropriate. I could have went real extreme with the favors but kept it plain, simple & something all the kids could use.

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