Monday, September 2, 2013

Organizing LEGOs

My 5 yr. son has a major obsession with LEGOs & I had to try & find a way to contain all of them, somehow. So I put on my thinking cap & here are a couple ideas I came up with.....

Last Christmas I was at the thrift store & they had a whole area full of old popcorn tins (you know the ones you see everywhere around Christmas time). So I thought why not use one of those for Lego Storage. I spray painted them & painted Lego guys on them.

My son thought it was the coolest the time, but there was one problem although it stored a lot of Lego's & kept them compiled to one area, it was not an efficient way for him to play with his Lego's. Since I run a daycare I can't have him playing with his Lego's on the floor as I don't want a little one to pick them up, put them in their mouth & choke, so he couldn't really look through them all at once, or if he was started on a project & it was time to clean up he had no place to put his creation. It was now my mission to find a new way to store his Lego's in a way that made me happy (easy to keep them cleaned up & away from little ones) but that also allows him to make his creations, use his creativity, & play with his beloved Lego's constantly.
We had this great little kids table that had built in storage in it and came with 2 plastic chairs. I decided to do some clean up & rearranging & thought it would work great as a Lego table - and it does! I added a nice colorful rug under the table not only for character of his room, but also to catch any pieces that may overflow as he is digging through them. I love it & he Loves it even more - win, win!!

In the past we were constantly stepping on these beloved toys & screaming out in pain - I mean seriously how can something so little cause so much pain?! I am happy to report that is not the case any more. I rarely even find Lego's on the floor anymore. My feet thank me & so does my vacuum cleaner ;)


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