Monday, September 2, 2013

Organize Kids's Area

My OCD self is always rearranging our house & trying to come up with new ways to better organize my tiny little house that has an overflow of kids' things. This clean out was inspired by Back to School organization. I wanted to have an area in a very high traffic place of our house where my kids can sit down do their homework if they have some, do arts & crafts , be creative & learn . And what better place then my kitchen as I spend a lot of time in there. We live in a small old trailer house that has 2 bedrooms for 3 kids, my husband & I & one bathroom. So its safe to say there is really no "extra" space in this house anywhere at all for anything, so you really need to be creative.

In our kitchen we have these two cupboards that run from ceiling to the floor on each side of a window. I decided to clean those out, go through them & organize them for strictly the kids' stuff (which they already were but I once again had to find a better way to organize it in a way that THEY could keep it clean & tidy). I went to one of my favorite places - the Dollar tree & found this over the door organizer & thought that would work great for their craft & school supplies. Once they come home & want to work on school work they can easily see what they all have available & right where it is at.

I hung that organizer on the front outside of the door because like I say it wanted to be at their fingertips, easy to get to. Then on the inside of the cupboard I put their games, play dough & play dough accessories & at the bottom lower shelves of the cupboard I put the toddler puzzlers, & games so it didn't matter if my youngest or day care kids got into those.





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