Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ballerina Bash

Anytime I have a chance to do an fun, creative event - I am all over it! My children's birthday parties are just that for me - fun, creative, and custom to what they like that particular year.

My daughter says that when she grows up she wants to be a ballerina & Dora the Explorer, so I decided to throw her a ballerina bash & it turned out fabulous in her mind & that is all that matters to me.

For the food & drinks everything was pink & purple (her two favorite colors) of course. Consisting of Kool-Aid cookies, cupcakes, a ballerina cake, marshmallows dipped in frosting & covered in sprinkles, pink bubble gum, and of course "pink" hot dogs and much more.

For drinks we had a beautiful pink punch & also strawberry milk available & you can choose either mason jars or pink cups to drink from.

Decorations consisted of me hand sewing a lot of tutu's. We had dolls for each little girl to play with that all needed tutu's plus multiple tutu's around for extra decorations. I made a tutu wreath, a paper ballerina banner type decoration, had a pair of ballerina shoes & a few pink ballerina outfits around with the tables covered in - you guessed it pink table cloths :)

Besides all the girls playing ballerina with their dolls we also had them make them own edible necklaces. We used twizzlers pull & peel as the necklace with many goodies to adorn the necklaces with like fruit loops, yogurt covered pretzels, cheerios, apple jacks, fruity life savers & another circle graham cracker cookie. I forgot to get a picture of the girls making their necklaces, but here my daughter is getting the station ready before everyone arrives.

Always like to give out favors with my children's parties so for this party it was only appropriate that we gave each girl a homemade tutu, nail polish, chap stick & a cute hair tie. They were soooo cute & fit the theme perfectly!

Hope you enjoyed our ballerina bash. Dance like no one is watching.

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