Monday, October 28, 2013

DIY Halloween Door Decor

With Halloween only days away I needed a quick, easy, not too spooky Halloween décor for my daycare kids & my own kids to enjoy & get them in the spirit. So I drug out my Halloween box full of goodies & here is what my kids & I came up with. They had a blast being able to be creative & decorating the door by themselves, craft time is one of their favorite parts of our day, so this was a nice craft time for them :)

All we did was take a bag a fake spider webs stretched it across the whole door, added my Halloween daycare sign I made last year that reads "I'm watching you" that is covered in eyeballs (how appropriate right?) added some spider rings, bats, & centipedes the kids had in their play room and put them in the spider web. For finishing touches they decided to glue googly eyes onto to spider web which I think makes the whole door.
So we did this in about an hour, but if you were to do this yourself (without little kids doing it) it would take 15 minutes top! Quick, easy & looks great. Happy Halloween 'ya all!

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