Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pinterest - Love or Hate?

Whether you love or hate Pinterest, or love to hate Pinterest, or hate that you love Pinterest so much, let's face it, it is almost as much of women's life as Facebook is for the rest of the country.

I, myself have a love hate relationship with Pinterest. I LOVE the fact that from a decorator stand point my client's can create boards on there & I can follow them to see what they like to give me inspiration, I LOVE the fact that its gives you so many ideas for great stuff, I LOVE that you can pin things to keep them for later reference and ideas and I LOVE all the amazing things you can find on there from recipes to beauty tips, to outstanding sayings.

But on the other hand as a professional event decorator I HATE that some clients do not allow me to use the pictures from Pinterest as inspiration, but what me to completely copy or replicate them. When I meet with my clients to get a feel of what they like and many will bring me pictures of things they like - GREAT, and I can immediately tell when they are Pinterest pictures - I invite them to bring me inspiration pictures, so this is good, however when they want this exact thing done - I then explain to them that I will be more than happy to use it as inspiration, but will not replicate it & therefore it will not be the exact same thing as what hey are seeing in front of them right now. First off I DO NOT copy or replicate ANYONE Eelse's work, or it is not my work. I will however take things that I like & I think are cool and use it as inspiration to me to create a similar type of thing in my own creative way. I would feel horrible, completely unprofessional, mortified, & embarrassed to make an exact replica of someone else's beautiful work & say it is mine, because even though I would technically be doing the labor to recreate the exact same look it still does not make it my work. Make sense?
To show you what I mean I have included some pictures below to show you.

I have been seeing these huge, massive, elegant, show stopping paper flower backdrops as seen on the right from a picture I seen on tumbler and on the left we, Forever Fresh did a small interpretation of the paper flower backdrop.

We used just a few paper flowers we made and incorporated them into our backdrop for a garden theme wedding, instead of making a whole entire backdrop of paper flowers.

My work on the left & the gorgeous work done by www.elizabethannedesigns.com on the right.

I was in love with the whimsical feel of the rose petals in the whole aisle. So I also decided to do an aisle of rose petals - the design is much different, but good inspiration.

On the left is my creation of the inspiration picture found on Pinterest but originally taken from Bridalguide.com

I liked the airiness of the flowers above the guests & the sophisticated style of the whole centerpiece. So what I did to create this of my own was to hang flowers over the table & line the middle of the table with various heights of candles.


 So see it's not that I hate pinterest, no way, I just like to use it as inspiration & inspiration only. Not to completely copy someone else's work. Just remember when you hire a professional - let them do what they do best! For me that is letting me be creative :)

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