Monday, October 14, 2013

My Twist on Fried Ice Cream

I LOVE fried ice cream & everything about it. It is crispy, cold, yet warm, melts in your mouth & you can top it with whatever you would like. Plus it brings back a lot of great child memories for me. So tonight I decided to do my own modern take on fried ice cream with out all the mess of it.

 I used egg roll wrappers and cut them in half. Then on each piece of egg roll wrapper I did a nice size dollop of nutella in the middle. Wet the edges with water & fold and seal the egg roll wrapper to itself. Drop it in the deep fryer for just a few seconds until it's a beautiful golden brown color. take out of the fryer & immediately sprinkle with powdered sugar. Put your desert in a bowl add a scoop of ice cream & top with fresh fruit of you want.

I call it my Twist on fried ice cream because it has lot of the same characteristics that I love about traditional fried ice cream, without the mess of making it & without the mess of the ice cream in my deep fryer.

There are so many options with this. As I was making these for my kiddos I was thinking about our camping trip we will be taking this weekend. Why not try adding marshmallows inside it for s'mores, or peanut butter for Reese's, or toffee pieces for a Heath bar? I mean the possibilities are endless.

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