Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Show your thankfulness

Today's blog is about different ways to show your thanks that are little to no cost, but will surely brighten someone's day.  1. I have the most amazing friends by far! They are always supportive, always lend a listening ear, enjoy good laughs & memories with, they don't judge me, and lift me up when I am down. For this reason I decided to show my thanks to one of my really good true friends this Thanksgiving season. As was were having a brief conversation the other day I found out that her husband has to work on Thanksgiving & so she was not planning on making any special Thanksgiving meal for her & her kids, that got me thinking - she deserves to take a break as she is one of the hardest working moms I know always making sure everyone else is taken care of before herself. So I teamed up with my future sister-in-law and we decided to make prepare her a Thanksgiving meal so all our friend has to do is throw it in the oven on Thanksgiving & it would be all ready to go.

Here is what we decided to make for their Thanksgiving meal 
Peach Bread Pudding (recipe below)
Loaf of pull apart bread
Sugar snap peas
Sparkling apple wine
The prepared meal was nothing grand, but it was a small way to show my thanks to one of my friends. My kids & I dropped it off at her house along with this note we included on it.

Peach Bread Pudding
Cream 1 stick butter & 1 c sugar
Add 4 eggs (beat in one at a time)
Stir in 1 c. drained pineapple (or can use fresh or canned peaches)
Fold in 5 slices white bread chopped in small cubes
Pour into greased 1 1/2 qt. casserole dish & bake @ 350 for 45 mins. – 1 hr.
Serves 6-8

2. Make or send a card (this one happens to be from my amazing oldest boy :)

3. Maybe you have loved ones that live far away & you forgot to get a card & send it out on time. No worries you can still let everyone know how much they mean to you via social media. It may not be something they can hold, or a keepsake for say, but it will still make them feel special, thought of & bring a smile to their face. Here I let everyone know on my business page how much they mean to me & how I appreciate their support.

I am thankful for all the crews that work around the clock to keep us safe, the farmers that work around the clock to keep the world fed, my family, friends & loved ones, and of course very thankful for our past, present & future clients and fans that keep spreading the word about my business, so I can keep food on my table, wake up each day LOVING going to work each day & allowing me to express my creativity through your big, special day! Happy thanksgiving ya all!!!!

4. As mentioned yesterday you can Volunteer your time to soup kitchens, churches, take a family into your house for Thanksgiving supper that may not otherwise get one, donate some items to a family in need - the possibilities are endless.Just remember to show your thanks!

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