Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving is a time for........

Thanksgiving is suppose to be a time to reflect on what you are thankful for, grateful for, a time to spend with your loved ones, engorge on an abundance of food, watch some football or the Macy's day parade, lay around & be "lazy", play board games or card games & most of all create memories.

But it seems to me the times have changed, like everything else. I know a lot of the world on Facebook writes a new thing each day in November for something they are thankful for, also known as the '30 days of thanks'. But think about it, Why is it we only do this in November? Shouldn't we be thankful all year round? Why should there have to be 'an event created' in order for us to show how grateful we are for everything that we have? I am guilty of this also, only tending to speak about how thankful I am to the world around the holidays. I guess we all just get so caught up in our everyday lives and forget to say "thank you" to someone or lend a helping hand without thinking about it or what you may get in return - bad excuse I know, but for whatever reason we tend to slack off the rest of the year except around holidays.


Then there is the Black Friday which ultimately is Black Thursday - Sunday, turning into Cyber Monday. I do partake in the black FRIDAY event, but I am against the black Thursday events. I think EVERYONE should be at home with loved ones enjoying a nice meal & spending it doing whatever they feel like doing except working! And if you are out shopping on Thanksgiving- shame on you!! Seriously, it's your fault people are not with their family, or enjoying a nice meal. It is your fault you are missing out on creating memories with your family all because you are so thankful for everything you have that you are willing to give up time with your family & loved ones to go get the best deal on things you don't even really need in the first place. 

You might be asking - What if I don't have loved ones or family near & can't travel? or What if I have no place to go for the holidays? There are great people out in the community that are willing to take you in, look into your church organization, look at the homeless shelter. And if you really want to reach out to your community & give thanks like we are suppose to be doing, then volunteer your time, take your family down to the local homeless shelter, or volunteer to serve at your church, or how about donating a Thanksgiving supper to a family that can not afford to get one for their family??? There are so many resources & groups out there that are dedicated to helping others, reach out to them ask them what you can do.

You also might disagree with me & say that it is no different than the doctors, farmers, snow removal crews, firefighters & so on that work on holidays, they all knew what they were signing up for when they took the job. I am married to a farmer,  my in-laws are ranchers, I have other family that are also doctors, firefighters & even own a snow removal company and yes they have to work on holidays, but those professions are much different. Let me explain, and it's easy to grasp - those professions are working to keep you safe & keep you fed, retailers are not. Retailers are greedy plain & simple. I hear people say "Well Black Thursday is in existence because the customers wanted them to start it (the deals) earlier." And you are right, again shame on them for going out on Thanksgiving & partaking in this event. If you do not shop on Thanksgiving then they will no longer have the black Thursday specials. 

Agree or disagree with me, either way is fine as you are entitled to your own opinion. I just want to have you truly think about what it is you are actually grateful for this holiday season. And if I got one of you to change your mind & think about it then I have succeeded.

I am thankful for my farmer husband who works his extremely long hours all to keep us & the rest of the world fed, providing safe food or great quality. I am thankful for the time I get to spend with family, friends & loved ones. I am thankful for the roof over my head, I am thankful that I get to do a job that I LOVE. 

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