Sunday, March 24, 2013

Champagne Inspired Backdrop

I had the great honor of decorating for another corporate event, this time for RSVP+ ND. They were having their annual Bags, Baubles & Bubbly event & had asked if we would like to donate our services & I love to give back to the community & give to great causes so I was thrilled to be able to tell them it would  be our honor.

The Bags, Baubles & Bubbly Event is an event for basically women, you will understand why I say that in a bit, where women par-take in auctions for phenomenal items which some include: fine jewelry  champagne brunch for 8 of your friends, spa day packages, vacation packages, 50 shades of grey basket, Miche, Prada, Michael Kors & Coach purses with all the proceeds go toward the RSVP+ ND group. Now do you know why I say it is mainly an event for women :) The highlighted event of the night is the champagne toast which is  where each guest gets a champagne glass that contains a blue velvet bag in it that has a stone in the bag. If you are the lucky lady that ends up with the red stone in her bag then you are the proud owner of the gorgeous diamond necklace that was donated by Zorell's jewelry store here in Bismarck.

I had a blast planning the decor for this event, I mean with champagne, diamonds & crystals as my inspiration what girl wouldn't be in heaven.  some pictures of our champagne inspired backdrop for the champagne table.

Here are the instructions of  how I made it:
1. Collected many sheets of 12 X 12 scrap book paper the heavy duty stuff. I used metallics' - silver, copper, gold, textured & non-textured

2. Cut the circles out of the paper using your cricut machine.( I used various sizes of circles because I wanted the circles to be larger at the top than at the bottom to mimic champagne bubbles.) so I used 4", 3" & 2 3/4" circles.

3. After I had all the circles cut & sorted by size & color. I started to make the actual backdrop itself.
Now I started out sewing the circles together in a straight line, but then for some reason my sewing machine started acting up & I got frustrated so I went to plan B :) which was to hang the fishing line from the ceiling and cut to the length I wanted it to be.

4.Then I picked out the colors & sizes of circle I wanted for that" string of champagne"

5. I just used tape to tape the circle onto the fishing line in the order & spacing I wanted them, & that's it!

Super fast, Easy, & makes a big impact!

I had a 16 ft. area I wanted to cover with my backdrop, so as you can see I had 8 strands of "champagne" with 8-12 circles of each strand, depending how long you want the strands to be & how close you space the circles together.) I also used ivory hanging rose balls hung from crystals at various heights and I used 8 of those. so if you wanted to do a complete backdrop of the champagne bubbles then you could use 16 strands to cover a 16 ft. long area like I did.

I also had my "backdrop" hung right over the table of champagne glasses instead of behind the table so that is why I made my strands shorter. If I would have been putting them behind the table like a true backdrop then I would have made them much longer, but you get the idea.

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