Wednesday, March 27, 2013

We Mailed it!

With Easter hoping right up on all of us I thought I would share my Easter Inspiration. My husband & I have been blessed with 2 beautiful godchildren that we love, cherish, & wish all the best for in their life, But we also love to do fun things for them especially around the holidays to make them feel extra, extra special to bring a big beautiful smile to their faces.

A few months back, actually probably almost a year ago, I ran across this blog that had some great, mailing, fun ideas for kids and I got to thinking how much fun something like that would be for the kids. Now I have tried many different unique ways of wrapping kids' gifts, but this, this is exciting, fun, silly, & exactly what I love to do. I had no idea that anything 13 oz. or less could be mailed as I the ONLY ONE who didn't know this?????

Like I said I was excited to try this theory out & see what kinda things could actually get mailed as is, so I thought Easter was the prefect time for that. I went to the Dollar Store here in town to get some ideas of what I wanted to send. I had two little girls that are a lot alike, but yet very different in their own ways, so it was so much fun!

The first god daughter we sent off to loves to dress up, pink, Barbies & is so excited that she will be starting school next year. I knew I wanted to get her something to get her ready & prepared for school & the local Dollar Tree had a ton of these cool learning books to choose from. All I had to do was tape them back to back & slap a piece of paper on the front of "the package", address it, stamp it & send it in the mail.

I came across these cool large eggs & knew that was what I needed to use as my "Easter basket" for mailing the rest of the fun things. In this Egg I included some different hair clips, some Barbie doll clothes, a tutu & chap stick. 

 This is suppose to be fun & exciting to open, so I couldn't just place the items in the egg & call it good....I mean did you really think I would? so i had some of these cute chick eggs that I put some of the goodies in.

 This is how our first God daughter's package looked after I taped it all up, put the address & stamps on the back of it & mailed it off. After I taped it all up, I had my children decorate the outside of the egg however they wanted to ( I don't have pictures of this one decorated, but I do of the other girls' egg so you get the idea.)

Our other Goddaughter loves, purple, outside activities, dress up & dolls. I wanted each of them to receive multiple Easter gifts & since I sent 2 gifts for our other goddaughter, this one had to receive two packages also, right? Started off sending her a kite, yep just as is. Slapped a piece of paper with address & stamps on it & dropped it in the drop box (as I was afraid of what might happen if I actually went into the post office with the gifts like this, what people may think of me & so on), so drop box it was :)

This egg was filled with a doll, hair clips, chap stick, a jump rope & silly string of course :) I was really worried about this egg in particular - it was heavy, so would it make the trip, would it end up breaking since the silly string was so heavy & the egg is plastic????? Remember how I said 13 oz. or less could be mailed as is, well this was like 12.8 oz, so I was cutting it close, but like I said this is an experimental exercise & if it didn't make it I mean really how much would it be to replace the items & do it again since they are all from the dollar store.

So here is the egg all decorated by my kiddos - cute right?! How much fun would this be to receive in the mail?

I had told the parents that I was doing an experimental mailing for the girls & to please inform me when they received them, if they arrived in shape & in tack & they both did!!!! Success!!!

Have a Hoping Great Easter & hope you enjoyed this post!

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  1. do you remember where you found that giant egg?


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