Friday, March 29, 2013

Country Rustic Glam Weddings


 Farming is in my blood, although I never grew up as a farmer per say  I did spend all summer long on my aunt & uncles farm helping them with their daily work, competing in 4-H and I absolutely loved every bit of it! I had always worn the wranglers, the boots, the hat & I told my mother from a very young age that I WOULD marry a farmer - they are hard workers, work for everything they have, take extreme pride& have passion in what they do & LOVE what they do. Above all that, farmers & ranchers have exceptional morals,  tend to be honest,  compassionate, loyal & trustworthy, for all these reasons & then some I am proud to be married to a farmer & call myself a farmer's wife.

Country life has become very "advertised & popular" these past couple years: people wanting room to let their kids run around, wanting a safer environment to raise their family, more relaxing way of life as they may see it & has really stream lined into the wedding industry. We are so excited that it has become so popular among bride & groom's  as it gives us a chance as wedding decorators to showcase the true beauty of the country life. Many use to think of western, country, rustic weddings as old & run down, barns falling apart, a bad smell filling the air & guests stepping in manure, but that is so not the case. They have the majestic scenery at your fingertips ready to use & personalize in anyway shape you see fit. When your guests attend country events they feel at home, they feel the warmth & the love that surrounds the couple, they truly know & feel the type of couple you are and you can make your wedding as laid back or as formal as you wish.

We have come up with some country rustic glam inspiration pictures for you. Hope you enjoy them & remember to thank a farmer or rancher the next time you see one!


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