Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Make BIG moments out of EVERY moment

 I am now a mother of 2 school age kids, I can not believe it! I've been so used to always having three kids at home that now I am down to 1 at home, 1 in pre-school & 1 in Kindergarten. Although I can not believe how fast the time has gone by I am not one of the moms that cries when she sends her children to school on the first day. Nope actually I am excited, giddy, anxious for them, happy for them & beyond everything proud of what great kids they have become. It is a new chapter in all of our lives & I for one am going to enjoy it - enjoy the silent house, enjoy them learning new things & growing up, everyday becoming more independent. I look at it this way, it means I am raising them to be the kind of humans that will know what to do when the time does come for them to leave the nest (which is a LONG way off yet)  & knowing that they will treat their friends, elders & significant others with the respect they deserve and that gives me extreme comfort :)

So enough with the rambling, on with why you are really here - I like to make every moment a BIG, HUGE, important moment in my children's life and the first day of school is no different. I of course do the traditional "first day photos" of the kids, and the kids always make something all on their own for their teachers for the first day of school, but I like to make it important for them also, something for them to look forward to. My belief is that if you are heavily involved in your children's life, hopefully their lives will "stay on track." Now nothing is guaranteed, but I do believe there is some truth to it. 

So to make my kids day special I made them a special breakfast, my husband & I got them a back to school gift, & both of us take them to school (which is a huge thing & makes them feel extra special that dad comes with), I mean they are with mom all day every day, so I am kind of like chopped liver :), but dad on the other hand that is a treat!

Here are the "gifts" I had made for each of my kiddos. I am sure you all have seen the cute ways to use candy to make cute sayings, cards & many other things. Well, I decided to do a play on that idea. I got them things I knew each of them would like & wrote them a special message to go along with it. Take a look & see what you think.

My son got a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles book, a superhero Batman glass, Jolly Ranchers, Reese's pieces, & Bottle caps. His message on his bag read " We hope that our Superhero has a jolly good time at his first day of kindergarten, but remember you might need your Thinking Cap to read about Turtles or possibly a Rancher. Whatever you end up doing remember we Love you to pieces!!!"

Our girl got 2 pairs of flip flops, some stencils, a ball, animal crackers & pop rocks with the message on the bag reading "At your first day of Pre-k we hope you have a Pop Rockin' ball of a good time and can Flip over meeting new friends. But as the day Draws near you may act like an animal and might need a snack to tie you over until mom & dad pick you up for your special lunch. We love you to the moon and back!"

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