Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Carnival Party Ideas

 Come one, Come all whether you walk, run or crawl you are sure to have a BALL at Jackson's backyard Carnival! This was what the invite read for my youngest's birthday party.

I am an event planner by profession but a mother at heart & I guess sometimes the two go hand in hand. We have a big family and are lucky enough that the vast major of them live close by, which means our children always have huge birthday parties, even when we try to cut back there is still like 50+ people of all ages. So I like to plan a party that the birthday kid will enjoy along with something everyone else can enjoy. Being an event planner I don't like to let any detail go unseen, and planning this party was a blast & has plenty of clowning around going on.

The "midway" consisted of a number of different games: water balloons, a silly slide (equipped with a sprinkler to slide under & shaving cream on the our landing), take aim at the clown, knock over the cans, duck pond, ball pit, score a point in the buckets, bouncy house, crazy hoops & kiddie pool. Since it was in the high 90's & extreme humidity I made sure to have plenty of water games, refreshments & shade!

We had a food tent that consisted of a popcorn machine, Cotton Candy, Lollipops, Hot Dogs on a roller, gum balls, watermelon, animal crackers & a DIY sno cone area (which was a huge hit as you could imagine)

We had sno cone cupcakes for the guests in place of cake

 Had a big tent for shade for the guests to relax & eat under

Before all the kids left we had a favor box for each kid that consisted of cotton candy, carnival theme lollipops, pop rocks, frosted animal crackers, and a couple balls. And they also got to pick prizes from the Prize bucket for playing all the games - sunglasses, flutes, stencils, beach balls and much, much more.

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