Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wedding trend 2013 - peonies

 Roses & lilies are a couple of flowers I call timeless, traditional flowers for weddings. But this year we have seen a lot of brides that have started breaking out of the traditional mold to make every aspect of their wedding their own, creative, & something people are not use to seeing at "every wedding," and that also goes for their flowers. I love the fact that I finally get to start working with other beautiful flowers besides the roses & lilies (don't get me wrong I like Roses & lilies), but I like to try & work with new things. now when I try to convince brides to try different unique flowers they are not nearly as hesitant as they have been in previous years.

Peonies are one of those different, unique, beautiful, breath taking flowers are a huge trend this year & are being used everywhere. They are big, luscious, whimsical, give you a garden hand picked feel, country rustic glam look, or evena formal show stopping look.

Here are some ways peonies are making their way into some of our weddings this year.

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